Imaging for Windows Hotfix

Global 360 Imaging for Windows®  is document imaging and scanning software for Microsoft Windows. Imaging for Windows is the upgrade to the industry-standard Imaging software included in Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT and Windows 2000 and is suitable for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. Global 360 Imaging for Windows was formerly known as Kodak or Wang Imaging Professional or Imaging for Windows.

Imaging for Windows has an optional ActiveX toolkit to develop image-enabled applications. The ImgEdit, ImgAdmin, ImgThumb, ImgScan and ImgOCR Kodak/Wang OCX (ActiveX) controls allow you to add Imaging for Windows functionality to your software. 

Download Imaging for Windows 4.0 Hotfix 11 (End-user application only). 

Download Imaging for Windows Hotfix 11 for release 4.0 of Imaging for Windows (End-user application only). This hotfix should be applied to release 4.0 only. Do not use on older or newer releases.  
Unzip the downloaded file to a local drive, find the I4W sub directory and read the ReadMe file. Then run Update.exe to install the Hotfix.

Download Imaging for Windows 4.0 Hotfix 11 (Developers Kit only).

Download Imaging for Windows Hotfix 11 Developer for release 4.0 of Imaging for Windows (Developers Kit only). This hotfix should be applied to release 4.0 only. Do not use on older or newer releases.  

Hotfix Details:

Hotfix 11:

HotFix 11 completely replaces and supersedes all preceding Imaging 4.0 HotFixes (patches).

Imaging for Windows may reject a previously accepted license registration if the computer's number of CPUs is changed.

HotFix 10: 

Out of memory error when displaying images. When you use the ocx's to display a large number of images and then a extract the annotations Imaging for Windows gives an out of memory error shortly before you get to about 10000 images. 

For installation instructions, please find the appropriate ReadMe files included in the downloads.

HotFix 9:

- I4W default data transfer mode does not conform to TWAIN default mode, the default transfer mode should be 'Native'.

- Links in read-only image files are not enabled until the drag tool is selected in I4W.

- Tiff images containing tag private TAG_TOC2 cannot be opened. 

- I4W crashes when opening a certain TIFF files.

- Rubber stamp annotation resizing is lost after the file is saved, closed and reopened

- Printing multiple copies of multi-page image interleaves blank pages with output

HotFix 8:

Corrects a file association issue reported on Japanese operating systems. 

Corrects issue with saving files to a path that includes multi-byte characters.

HotFix 7:

Corrects problem introduced in HF6 where printing was not working when using the /p command line option 

Corrects child windows position and maximized/restored state that was not being recalled 

Corrects toolbar positions that were not being retained

Corrects issue with Japanese characters being processed and displayed in registration dialog.


Hotfix 6:

Corrects a problem with the Image Edit ActiveX Control that caused 'False' to be returned from the ExecuteTextEditCommand(wiIsModifiedEditText) method when a new text mark had been created.


HotFix 5:

Corrects OEM licensing problem introduced by HotFix 4. Valid OEM licenses were being reported as expired after HotFix 4 was installed.


HotFix 4:

Provides a new Help button to the Phase II registration dialog.

Provides a Reset button to the Phase II registration dialog so the user can restart the registration process.

Corrects a problem with spontaneous de-registration caused when two instances of Imaging applications attempted to check license data at the same time.

Corrects a problem introduced in earlier hotfixes that prevents a Page=>Rotate All.

Corrects a problem with restoring the Imaging application window as maximized if it was that way the last time the application ran.

Corrects problems that prevented Imaging from running correctly on a Citrix XenApp server in some circumstances.

Development Resource Kit:

Provides a function that auto rotates black & white documents when they are opened or scanned.

Provides a function that auto deskews all document types when they are opened or scanned.

Provides .NET interop assemblies for all ActiveX controls.


If an earlier HotFix has been installed on a Vista workstation, you may see one of the following messages when attempting to apply HotFix4 or uninstall the product. 

"This action is only valid for products that are currently installed"

"The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation"

"This setup will perform an upgrade of 'Imaging for Windows R 4.0'. Do you want to continue?"

This is due to corruption of the MSI database caused by a flaw (since corrected) in the installer development system.

To correct this, take the following steps logged on as an administrator_

-Download the 'Windows Installer CleanUp Utility' from ''. Choose to Save.

-Run the downloaded utility installer by right clicking the downloaded file and choosing 'Run as administrator'.

-Choose 'Windows Install Clean Up' from the 'All Programs' menu and 'Allow' to trust the program.

-Select 'Imaging for Windows' from the list of MSI installs, click 'Remove' and then 'OK' to proceed. When control returns, exit the utility.

-Launch Windows Explorer and navigate to 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\Global 360'. Select the 'Imaging' subfolder and delete.

-Run regedit.exe and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDLLs.

If the Run command is unavailable on the Start Menu, right click the Start button and choose Properties; On the Start Menu tab, choose Customize, find the 'Run command' entry in the list and check to enable. Exit with OK, OK.

-Delete every Value in the 'SharedDLLs' key that begins 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\Global 360\Imaging'. Exit Regedit.

-You should now be able to reinstall Imaging and go on to apply HotFix4.

You may see a dialog entitled "Evaluation Period" while re-installing Imaging on a machine where it was properly registered. Leave the Serial Number field blank and click Install to continue. The registration will remain valid.

HotFix 3:

Upgraded third party PDF toolset in order to resolve specific issues with viewing Japanese PDF files.


HotFix 2:

Resolved an issue when attempting to change the compression type of a TIFF image page displayed from a file caused “Internal Error” and the application would become nonresponsive. Also, a new, detailed error message for clipboard open failures was added to replace the "Out of memory" error message.


HotFix 1:

Resolved an issue relating to a memory leak and an error when using File=>New TIFF, Black & White. In addition, PostQuitMessage is now used to exit the application when the license expires. The license expiry dialog was also modified so that it is displayed for a known application and not when the ocx control is loaded via OLE embed. Includes the changes made in version 2.8 for the ClearDisplayEx function.