PDF-XChange Software

Print to PDF and Print to TIF drivers

PDF-XChanges software provides Print to PDF and Print to TIF drivers and other PDF utilities.

Raster XChange

create TIF and other image files from documents

Raster-XChange installs onto your system as a 'Virtual' printer driver allowing you to 'print' your document/Image from any Windows application that generates printed output to any of the industry standard Raster format's supported (see below) - rather than paper. For example from MS Word - simply create your document, select 'File -> Print -> Select Raster-XChange' printer and adjust the printer options to the desired output format etc (i.e. TIFF) and print - your document will be saved to a fully compatible industry standard CCITT group 3/4 compressed multi page TIFF file if that is your need, or any other available supported output format. Raster-XChange is available as a  Local or Server Edition.


create PDF files from documents

PDF-XChange Standard is for the creation of Adobe compatible PDF files from virtually any Windows software that generates printed output such as MS Word, Excel, AutoCAD, MS Publisher etc. PDF-XChange Standard acts as a virtual printer, but instead of the output going to paper in the conventional manner - it is captured and re-directed to create a fully compatible, text-searchable, Adobe PDF file (subject to the source material being readable - image files remain non text-searchable). You also receive MS Office integration allowing extra functionality such as clickable Table of Contents (TOC) and embedded URL support (i.e. 'Click Here' style links) + OFFice2PDF - a batch converter allowing the conversion of Multiple files to PDF that are MS Office supported formats such as .doc, .xls, .rtf, .html, .txt etc.

PDF-XChange Lite

create PDF files from documents

PDF-XChange Lite is a simplified version of PDF-XChange Standard 2012 that excludes the Microsoft Office Toolbar Add-in and Office2PDF batch conversion utility.
This product is included with the purchase of PDF-XChange Viewer! 

PDF-XChange Pro

PDF XChange and PDF Tools

PDF-XChange Pro has all the features of PDF-XChange Standard + PDF-Tools + PDFXChange Viewer PRO, included in one economical bundle.

PDF Tools

Create and modify PDF files

PDF-Tools is a flexible all-purpose tool for creating, manipulating, and modifying PDF files
Create PDFs from image files, image scanners/web cams, text files, etc.
Manipulate Adobe-compatible PDF files
Requires no additional 'plug-ins' or applications such as Adobe Acrobat® or Distiller®
Includes PDF-XChange Viewer PRO with visual means to markup and modify your PDF files
This product does not include PDF-XChange Lite.

PDF Viewer

feature-rich PDF reader/viewer

PDF-XChange Viewer is the smallest, fastest, most feature-rich PDF reader/viewer available.
View, modify, and annotate PDF files
New OCR features Just Added
- Additional language support files
- Includes Free PDF Converter, PDF-XChange Lite

The free version of this product may be used for both private and commercial use as long as it is not distributed for commercial gain without permission.
Purchasing a license for the PDF-XChange Viewer unlocks the “PRO” features.