Use Setreg to fix Error 1330 in install


When installing various software you may run into an error message that reads:-

"Error 1330.A file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file  C:\  has an invalid digital signature. This may indicate that the cabinet file is corrupt."

(The path and name of the cabinet may be different).

Possible Fix:

The installer calls WinVerifyTrust() to verify that a signed file is valid. By default, a Certificate Revocation List (CRL) is downloaded and queried to determine if that certificate has been revoked.

To fix this from a command prompt  Start>AllPrograms>Accessories>Command Prompt

Run Setreg.exe eg C:\setreg.exe (If setreg is not installed, download setreg.exe here )

Setreg.exe will show a list of the current settings. Option 3 defaults to TRUE, Option 9 defaults to FALSE.

Set setreg.exe option 3 to FALSE to disable the online CRL check.

Type setreg.exe 3 FALSE

A similar problem may occur if option 9 is set to TRUE, which tells WinVerifyTrust() to check a CRL on the timestamp server if the signature is time-stamped. This should also be set to FALSE.

Then re-install the software.

(You can set the options back to the defaults afterwards)